Micro Managers

What could be more important than checking on your employees to see that everything is going along smoothly?  How about doing some damn work?  If your job is to watch me, how about I buy a fucking web cam and a hard drive, you get fired, and I get 40% of your salary.  How about that shit? 

Nothing is worse than having to write status reports to the person that assigned you the work and the deadline in the first place.  How about you take some notes on what you dole out instead of letting it spew like projectile vomit at a frat house.  How does a ‘How’s it going on that work?’ or ‘Will you make the deadline?’ not suffice?  I could see if you were dealing with the boss’ son or daughter that insists you’re incompetent, giving you reason to cover your ass at all times.  But where does it end?

If you add up all the time it takes for me to write, review, and send status reports with the time it takes for someone to finally read the damn thing, I bet something useful could have been done.  What’s worse is that there’s no guarantee your boss will understand what you sent them because they’re actually just a figurehead.   In these situations it’s best to ignore their e-mails and look at them with a blank stare when they ask for anything.

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