Kindle 2

kindle2Sorry, Amazon…try the fuck again!  This is not responsible manufacturing.  You’ve just created a useless product that has wasted God knows how many hours we could have used to find the cure for AIDS!  It doesn’t even have a backlight, and the books aren’t even cheaper.  What the hell were you thinking?  I’d have to buy a separate light just to read at night.  Get the fuck outta here!  And there isn’t one hint of color, you racist bastards.  Not only do I hope the Kindle 2 epically fails, I hope the Kindle 3 doesn’t blow as much walrus cock as it’s older sister.

Before I let you get out of here, did I mention this 1/3 inch piece of digital dog shit costs $359?  So, let me get this straight.  Instead of carrying one book like a normal person that doesn’t have literary ADD, you want me to buy a device I need to treat like a newborn baby because it’s so fragile for the cost of: half an hour with a high-price prostitute, one new tire for a Ferrari, or two pairs of ugly ass Ed Hardy jeans.  Then you want me to pay regular price for books.  Riiiiiiiight…at least you got the cost of MP3’s right.  We can’t be perfect all the time.

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3 Comments on “Kindle 2”

  1. captain america Says:

    My bet is that you must have gotten the shit beat out of you every day at school. Actually, you probably still are. You need to take care of those anger issues.

    • b3st3v3r Says:

      Never, actually. I was always too damn likeable. Every body likes to laugh, even the biggest douche bags love a good laugh.

  2. wolverine Says:

    @ Captain america, u must be sleeping with a kindle considering that u defend it so bad. Kindle 2 is a disgrace and piece of shit book reader, cannot even read PDF, LOL i rather go with sony with more options. captain america stop getting rape by ur daddy.

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