Mechanical Bull Operators

mechanical-bull1You douche bags are all in the hall of the fame!  And that’s not a good thing.  First of all there are only two types of operators: pervert or dick with a superiority complex.  Did I mention that they’re all a hybrid of the two?  The style of operation is dependent upon one thing, and one thing only.  Gender.  So, if you’re out for a nice time with your lady, the last place you want to go is a bar with a mechanical bull.  The operator is guaranteed to make your woman look like some sort of video ho-fessional with slow, sexy movements.  You, on the other hand, will come out looking like the biggest pussy in a hundred mile radius unless you’re friends with the prick.  He’s either going to buck your ass off ASAP or trick you with two or three decent pumps before he bucks your ass across the bar.

So, go fuck yourself, Mr. Mechanical Bull Operator!  I don’t need a mechanical bull to make me look like a pussy.  I’ve got a boss and kids that don’t respect me, and the last thing I need to prove is how well I can ride the hand movements of a douche bag in a cowboy hat.

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