Time and Place – I

camera phoneIf your parents never explained to you the proper time and place for certain behavior, I’ll be dedicating some time to the subject from time to time.  As you’re  beginning to notice, there are and will continue to be plenty of posts regarding bathroom etiquette.  A perfect example of the improper time and place to use a camera phone is in a stall at work unless you are having sex with a hot coworker.  Any other time, this shit should be punishable by 100 hours community service and a gorilla shit pie to the face.  I’m not saying that taking pictures of the weird growth on your junk should be outlawed, but because of the peeping Tom problem, all cell phones made after a certain date are required to make a noise when pictures are taken.  So, hearing a monkey mating call, duck quack, or robot fart while I’m taking a shit is not only an immediate cue that the person a few stalls down might have VD, it’s also a concentration breaker!  So, thanks asshole.  I’ll be constipated another week because your squirrel giggle sound effect scared my shit back into its den.

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