Time and Place-II

time-and-place-2There’s always a time and place for music.  But work doesn’t always mix well with angry Rock when you’re in a shitty mood or boastful Hip-Hop after you get a bonus. If you turn that shit up and blast it through your headphones every once in a while, it can work miracles for your mood.  However, in an age where everybody wants every one of their gadgets integrated with one another, one can never be too careful.

You may be asking yourself ‘why’, and that, my friend, is a sign of stupidity.  If your coworkers are smartasses like mine, they like to do shit like tap you on the shoulder and walk away or pull out your headphone jack to get your attention while you’re raging to Marilyn Manson or getting fight-ready with Lil’ Jon.  So, what do you think your button-down, conservative boss is gonna say when he hears the ever-eloquent Mr. Jon:

Only bitches’ talk shit (What)
Only bitches’ talk shit (What)
Only bitches talk shit that’s why we bustin’ your shit

He’ll probably have security toss your ass in the street like a pimp in a hurry.  So, don’t be a dumbass.  Stop listening to music on your phone or computer and get an mp3 player.  It might just save your livelihood.  It’s either that or listen to something safe like Barbara Streisand or Hall & Oates, and that shit would suck like a supercharged Dyson.

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