So Sick of Commercials Set in the Morning

I hate these fucking things. Everyone looks like they’ve been up for hours walking around at an overly than leisurely pace without a care in the world. This would be awesome if it were true for anyone other than my grandparents and anyone else that’s asleep by 6pm.

The latest in this consistent string of make believe scenarios is the Verizon hub commercial.  Some K-Fed University grad with a PhD in being a deadbeat is walking around with a smug look on his face sipping a cup of coffee. He looks like he just had a quickie with the hot housekeeper as his wife drives the kids to school.  This lazy sack of scommercials-in-the-morninghit proceeds to use the home phone like a PDA do the same shit he can do from his cell phone and trick his wife into thinking he still cares by sending a text about traffic.

Not only is this the furthest thing from the reality [not the technology, the scenario] of morning for anyone that’s not wealthy beyond necessity, it implies these people are rich enough for a cutting edge home phone but somehow can’t afford GPS in their car.  What the fuck?  Wipe that smile off your face and go contribute to society, asshole. That new phone isn’t going to keep your daughters from smoking crack while you check up on sports scores in you PJ’S.

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