The McCain Shuffle

McCain DanceI’m too busy to take care of my most important priority.  Wait a minute…does that make any sense?  Easy answer: NO!  Who the hell stops running at the end marathon to get their fucking dry cleaning or go see a movie?  It’s quite possibly the most illogical strategy ever employed to achieve any goal, but it’s still remarkably popular.  Just look back to the 2008 Presidential Race when John McCain abandoned his campaign to “be available”.  WTF, John?  Now your lame ass strategy is catching on, and there’s no end in sight.

Because of you, people in my life are dropping the ball left and right to do shit that’s beyond unimportant.  My boss asks me to put high priority shit on hold to see what people want for lunch.  My girlfriend wants me to stop saving for a house to buy an engagement ring.  My landlord wants me to stop paying my rent to back him in a dice game.  Worst of all, the news wants me to pay attention to the fucking swine flu instead of our shitty economy.  This is your fault, Johnny boy, and there’s only one way to make it right.  It’s just too bad no one gives a damn what you do anyway.

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