Don’t Call It a Comeback

Don't Call It a ComebackLL Cool J can play chicken with a semi for making this shit popular.  It’s time to retire this phrase FOREVER!  What the fuck do you want me to call it?  Maybe it should be a ‘slow, pathetic, and loosely anticipated rise to fame neglecting popularity inflation’?  Yeah, maybe that would work a little better for people over the age of 6 that still believe in getting jinxed.  Get the fuck outta here.  You might as well be trying to convince me that Windows is going to make a comeback.  Bill Gates is going to be giving handjobs at the Apple offices before 2011.

Athletes, musicians, and the old commentators on SportsCenter [all of them] love to use this phrase whenever someone has a freakishly good showing after years of shitty performances.  Have you heard of Hurricane Katrina or Chernobyl?  Those are freak occurrences in history.  I guarantee you Wesley Snipes will never be a big time star again…neither will Nicolas Cage for that matter.  Michael Vick will not be a superstar just because he’s getting out of prison…so, don’t feel free to use this fucking failure of a catchphrase when he steps onto the field again.

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