iPod Sharing

iPod SharingI love that song too!  Not really, but I can hear it over the street noise, the panhandlers, and the fat guy snoring next to me.  You’re worse than the asshole at the library that’s simultaneously too lazy to learn how to use the internet and too broke to buy a newspaper.  So, they fuck everybody else out of a quiet place to read [because it’s not like your kids will leave you alone long enough to read a sentence] by rustling those fucking pages like they’re trying to start a fire.  So, sure, I’ll listen to the entire set of horseshit music you got from iTunes last night.  I won’t even ask you to turn it down, but you can count on me bringing some earplugs or a tazer with me tomorrow.  So, watch your ass!

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One Comment on “iPod Sharing”

  1. Jack Says:

    Hey, calm down, bro’. Just be thankful that the days of big “ghetto blaster” stereos are over, their having been replaced by the ubiquitous iPod.

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