Knock Offs

This is a serious issue, and I’m going to take it upon myself to bring it to light.  You are officially cheap as fuck and as shallow as a kiddie pool if you consistently buy knock offs.  Specifically, you’re so worried about looking good, that you sacrifice looking good by buying shit your dog wouldn’t wKnock Offsear.  So, I guess we should add stupid as fuck to the list of qualities you should want to remove from your repertoire.

I can count, motherfucker!  Don’t think you’re fooling anybody but yourself.  You spent $100 for something that usually cost $1000, and it looks like it’s worth $2 dollars.  However, it only costs 13 cents to produce.  So, your dumb ass is out of $99.87 you could have used to buy some decent shoes or a purse or whatever the fuck you’re too cheap to save for.  This is why the American economy sucks and the reason my kids will be homeschooled.  That is all!

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