Time and Place – III

Ugg-ly as FuckSooner or later, it had to be said.  This entry is dedicated to Uggs, specifically when and where it is appropriate to wear them.  I think it’s most important to point out that American fashion is dictated by people with too much money and time on their hands that want to be different more than a black man at a Klan rally.  This is important because

My personal answer is that Uggs shouldn’t be worn, EVER!  However, due to their popularity, I find it necessary to enlighten those of you that prefer to follow the crowd like a brain-dead Lemming than to listen to common sense.  So, I’ve made a comprehensive list of inappropriate times and places to wear Uggs.

1.    Formal events
2.    Anywhere snow is present [They’re not waterproof, numb nuts]
3.    With tights, mini skirts, micro skirts, or panties
4.    With flip flops [It’s fucking impossible]
5.    With bikinis [Are you a result of inbreeding?]
6.    With blindingly bright colors
7.    With an undeserved sense of style
8.    With a poncho [aka big ass blanket with a hole in it]
9.    To a funeral
10.    In public

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