Just Saying…Edible Panties, Really?

First of all, I’ve got nothing against people getting freaky.  Do what you gotta do to keep the love alive! However, there are a few things that shoulnd’t be in the bedroom/car/kitchen/bathroom/office/living room/truck bed with you when it’s time to do the do.  Edible panties are at the top of my list!

Edible Panties

That’s not even freaky.  Panties that have the same consistency and taste of fruit roll-up are just a mean fucking concept.  It’s like being given a Kia as a loner when you take your Lambo to the dealer to be serviced.  Nobody, regardless of how much they enjoy pink tacos, wants to go from a sweet, sugary, strawberry snack straight to vagina.  What the fuck?  I wouldn’t ask to have my balls put in a bear trap right after getting head.  Similarly, I would not ask to be robbed after hitting the jackpot at a casino.  I’m just saying.

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One Comment on “Just Saying…Edible Panties, Really?”

  1. Jason Says:

    Gotta disagree bro, I found myself mixing the two tastes together as much as I could when my ex GF wore em as a birthday surprise.

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