Old People & Technolgy


Only the strong survive.  So, put down the mouse and step the fuck back, or learn how to use that F1 key, punk bitch!  I don’t have all day to send something to you for review, get it back with your “updates” [very un-fucking-helpful changes], and then correct all the fuck ups you contributed to my formatting.  Nice work, tiny Tim, you have now, at the very least, doubled the time it takes to review a document.  How about you stick to writing on paper and leave typing to the pros.  I know we’ve had keyboards for a while now, but you’re worse than a caveman trying to make fire in a hurricane. 


I’d be more sympathetic if you weren’t such a cocky jerk about it, claiming you’ll take care of it.  I’d have better luck putting my laptop in a dishwasher because you’re more illiterate than Helen Keller before the Miracle Worker showed up.  I bet you wouldn’t be such a fucking know-it-all if we were talking about skydiving safety or how to properly masturbate with a flaming glove on.  I bet you’d listen to my instructions like I was telling the secret of how to get into Megan Fox’s panties without being handsome or rich.  If that’s not up your alley, or you’re into penis and can’t think of a substitute of the opposite sex, then you’re beyond hopeless.  And that leaves us where we began…you’re a douche that refuses to adapt.  Take your old ass to the shuffleboard court before I double-click you up and down the nearest  flight of stairs.

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4 Comments on “Old People & Technolgy”

  1. RoP Says:

    So, you grew up with technology. We’re so proud of you. Though many of us feel worry for you because your ego seems to have grown at a much faster pace than did you intelligence.

    You may deride the person who reviewed your document, but now you need to ask yourself, “Why did I give him an editable document for review?” Well, why did you punk?

    Why, in fact, did you not send him an acrobat PDF? Oh, wait, you grew up with technology, so it must be more effective to provide a reviewer with a live document than it is to provide a file where a reviewer can leave comments and never touch the working document.

    No, wait. That’s not right. Is, it? No. You should know, having grown up with technology that Adobe Reader now allows a reviewer to save comments to the file for return to the writer.

    But I’ll bet you don’t know, do you.

    Say, how about the “Track Changes” function of your word processor? You know, the nifty feature that lets you accept or reject changes so that you can regain any lost formatting?

    Technology is a wonderful thing to behold… Until some bastard as old as your grandfather explains how screwed up you are. You need to learn how the world works, sonny boy. If your reviewers don’t understand how the review tool works, you need to help that reviewer learn to use the tool, not whine.

    Be professional, be correct, but most of all, be a decent person. You’ll find that all of you subject matter experts, your reviewers, and your co-workers might start to like you better that way.

    Don’t embarrass yourself like this anymore.

  2. RoP Says:

    Hmm, “It is beyond appreciated.”

    Manifesto? You should avoid using words whose meaning you are unsure of. Also, you need to work on your grammar.

    Can’t you manage to express yourself without profanity? Perhaps a thesaurus would help. There are several available online. Tell me if you need help to find them.

    If you continue the way you are going, you’re going to find a world of opportunity closed to you.

    • b3st3v3r Says:

      I meant every succinct word in my first reply. You absolutely are an asshole. Your long-winded, high and mighty comment was, and remains to be, much unappreciated. I do, however, find your comment on my blog to be completely contradictory to the one you left on Reddit where you suggest I need your unsolicited ‘holier than thou’ advice to keep from committing suicide. Have a good one, asshole [loathesome, vile hobgoblin with a superiority complex]. I hope that satisfies your synonym fix for the day. Either way, you’re still an asshole.

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