Why I Hate the News

Fuck the news! I hate it, specifically TV news! I feel like committing suicide every time these no-talent, name-calling assholes discuss any topic. Why? Because the facts take a backseat to the engineered back-and-forth between people that couldn’t make an unbiased remark with the looming threat of decapitation for motivation. These cock bars they invite onto the shows usually have nothing of substance to add to the conversation outside of performing verbal felatio on behalf of someone that didn’t send them to speak on their behalf in the first place.

Is there any talent involved in this job other than not farting on the air and looking somewhat sophisticated, even if you sound like a retarded coyote on ecstasy when you speak [content reference, not vocal]? I doubt it! All you have to do is call your rival hacks names and highlight why everybody else is wrong [except you]. Of course, this is before you get busted for popping pills or beating your 3rd spouse. Then, you fuckers get holier than thine selves until you get your sponsors back. Define clusterfuck!

Only in the country I love [most of the time] can you become wealthy based solely on co-mingling facts [often blatantly altered] with closed-minded personal opinions and an uncanny ability to bully your counterparts by talking over them for millions a year. I’d definitely consider walking in front of a high-speed train before becoming comfortable with obtaining that level of douchery! Stay classy if you think you can manage.

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2 Comments on “Why I Hate the News”

  1. Albino Says:

    You are officially a twat. Ive been reading through some of the things youve written and ive come to the conclusion that youre a loser that got bullied the fuck out of at high school who has now found a way he can bully people back, well congratulations. I dont give a fuck if you write back to this saying learn how to spell or go and sort your english life out and go back to school you asshole because tbh im probly neva going to come back to this site again neither is anyone who visits, none of them are going to remember anything youve posted so you are pretty much completely wasting your time even writing it. Basically i think you should get a life and stop writing complete and utter bull on the internet!

    Rant Over

    Oh P.s Did i mention??

    Youre a twat???

    Maby i did

    but i dont care

    im having fun now

    say what you want im just going to laugh at youre over the top answer

    and then laugh

    and then forget it all by tomorrow

    • b3st3v3r Says:

      Eat shit…die, resurrect yourself, then commit suicide. I was a king in my high school, and motor-mouthed cocks like you wished they were me. Enjoy your life of bitter solitude.

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