Make a Left-Click at FUCK YOU!

Left Click at Fuck YouFirst and foremost…this post is dedicated to all the fucktards that click the link to my ‘Humans and Pitbulls’ post and go off on some wild ass tangent in the comments section. This post is a direct insult and major middle finger in the air to anyone that disobeys Rules #1 and #2 of the internet: “If you find something you don’t like, hit the ‘Back’ button and keep it moving!”

You wouldn’t believe how many hits I get on my ‘Pitbulls and Humans’ post on a daily basis. It is INSANE! It’s not even one of my favorite posts. But so many people love pitbulls that it must come up on a regular basis in search engine results. Who knew? What I don’t get is anyone without a functioning sense of humor. I’m not really angry. I don’t really care if you think this shit is funny. I don’t care if you think it’s offensive. NEWS FLASH ASSHOLES: This is not the only blog on the internet.

I could could conquer the world, and it would still elude me how natural selection hasn’t rendered you fuckers in a permanent coma or locked in a basement somewhere. In fact, you stumbling upon this blog, probably shares the probability of that lone retarded sperm fertilizing the most genetically challenged egg in your mother’s gravel pit of a vagina. I actually love that so many people hate the post becasue it’s reassuring that I will be near the top of the food chain for the rest of my life.

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